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Intrepid Research in Cincinnati, Ohio, conducts clinical research in a variety fields such as internal medicine, sleep medicine, neuroscience, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, and many more. We take pride in our contributions to your health through the advancements gained from our clinical research. Let us know which clinical trial is right for you.

Current Trials

Study Seeking Patients with Narcolepsy with or without Cataplexy

The Suven clinical research study’s objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of a test drug improving wakefulness patients with Narcolepsy with and without Cataplexy.

*Participants must meet these criteria:
• Between the ages of 18 and 75
• Have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy with or without Cataplexy (Na-1 or Na-2)
• Must not have habitual wake-up time after 8 AM as assessed by sleep diary, habitual sleep time of less than 6 hours, and habitual bedtime past 1 am as determined by sleep diary entries
• Must not have excessive caffeine (defined as greater than 600 mg/per day) use prior to baseline assessments or during the course of the trial
• Must not have nicotine dependence that influences sleep (eg, a patient who routinely awakens at night to smoke)
• Must not have an occupation requiring variable shift work, night shifts, or frequent overnight travel which disrupts sleep patterns

*Other criteria will apply
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