Our clinical trials are performed by highly trained board-certified Physicians and Clinical Research Coordinators who are assisted by skilled medical technicians and research support staff. All of our staff have one thing in common, they take great pride in the compassionate and sincere care that we provide to those participating in our clinical trials

Medical Director

Bruce Corser MD, FAASM is the Medical Director of Intrepid Research as well as two other Cincinnati based medical facilities, Sleep Management Institute and YourMD. He received his medical degree from the State University of New York’s Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse in 1980 and completed his postgraduate training at the University of Cincinnati. He is board-certified in internal, pulmonary, and sleep medicine.

He has also held the position of principal investigator in more than 100 clinical trials during the past seven years including issues such as primary insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and excessive sleepiness associated with shift work sleep disorder.

Dr. Corser has also co-authored several articles in journals such as CHEST and the American Journal of Medicine. He is also a member of numerous professional organizations such as American College of Physicians, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Sleep Disorders Association, and Cincinnati Academy of Medicine.


Our newly renovated facilities are not only advanced but are inviting and relaxing for our study participants and include the following equipment:

  • (3) Exams rooms
  • Dedicate monitoring area
  • (3) Bedroom suites
  • Centrifuge (non-refrigerated)
  • Laboratory with locked drug storage
  • Resprioncs Alice 6 G3 diagnostic equipment
  • -20 degree freezer
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Refrigerator